Easter Weekend Friday April 10th- Sunday April 12th ( Free Easter Dinner)


Sunday, April 12th

Happy Easter

To all of our guest here at the park on Easter day,

Our staff here at North Landing Beach Understand the current restrictions and how they are affecting the Holiday. For this reason, we have put together an Easter celebration for each individual family to enjoy at your site. Easter is a day to rejoice and celebrate and we want to help make this day as special   as possible.


The Easter bunny will be coming around to each campsite with a basket for each child. The basket will be placed on your steps. coming with the Easter bunny, will be all of his helpers. While the Easter Bunny is placing the baskets, his helpers will be hiding items on your site for the children to find. We ask that you keep the children inside while the Easter Bunny and his helpers are there. This will take place from 7 to 8 am Sunday morning. Please feel free to encourage the children to watch out the window for The Easter Bunny, but stay inside until after he has left. After the Easter Bunny and his helpers have left your site then the children can grab their baskets. In the baskets there will be a list of items that they have to find on your site to be placed in the basket. When they have completed the list, they will have a basket full of various Easter items and we hope lots of fun and smiles to follow.

Please stop at the office and pick up a flag that will have a number telling us how many children are at your site. This will help us to place the correct number of items for each child. Place this flag beside your pedestal with your site number.




5:00 – 6:00 pm  

Ham, Scallop potatoes, mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, chocolate pie and key lime pie.

This will be a takeout dinner to be taken back to your site. Please sign up in the office in advance and let us know how many people will be at your site.



Apr 10 - 12 2020


All Day
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